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Posted by Bruce on January 6, 2010

Downloads for Bandwidth Mod

Apache Modules :

bw_mod [a.k.a. mod_bandwidth]mod_vhost_limit
Ivn Project License : [Download]

Author : Ivan Barrera (Bruce)
Contact E-Mail : Bruce (at ivn)
Status : Stable
Current Version : v0.92

Files :

  • mod_bw v0.92 – Source Code – [Download][Readme]
  • mod_bw v0.9 – Source Code – [Download][Readme]
  • mod_bw v0.91 – Windows Release for Apache 2.2.14 – [Download]
  • mod_bw SLN – Visual Studio 2008 Solution – [Download][Readme]

    Purpose :

  • Restrict the number of simultaneous connections per vhost/dir
  • Limit the bandwidth for files on vhost/dir
  • Get some basic stats
  • Changelog for v0.92 :

  • 0.92 Fixes the ap_get_server_banner issue.
  • 0.91 introduces fixes mainly for users running on Windows. See Readme.
  • Fixed an “invisible” memory leak, and a signed/unsigned issue affecting MinBandWidth
  • Code Cleanup for Visual Studio
  • Status page for running vhost!
  • Platforms :

  • Linux/x86
  • FreeBSD/x86 v5.2
  • MacOS X/ppc x86
  • Solaris 8/sparc
  • Microsoft Windows

    If you have any comments, bug reports, feature request, etc, post it right here.

    Bw Mod v0.8 [Readme]
    Bw Mod v0.7 [Readme]
    Bw_Mod v0.6 Still available, and with its README here.
    Bw_Mod v0.5 Stable is obsoleted, and should not be used, unless you want to play with it.
    Bw_Mod v0.5 RC1 is obsoleted, and should not be used, unless you want to play with it.
    Mod_bandwidth v0.1 is obsoleted, and should not be used.

    mod_vhost_limit.c [Download]

    Restrict the number of simultaneous connections per vhost


  • - 2007.04.06
    Included some cleanup, and fixes suggested (and coded by) Chirouze Olivier

  • 2004.02.26
    Added compile.sh , to ease the compiling proccess.

  • 2004.02.24
    Initial revision 0.1


    If ExtendedStatus is Off, it wont work. Anyways, you’ll be warned
    I was based on mod_vhost_limit from Takato Satsuma [takato@nowhere-land.org]
    who wrote it for Apache1.3. Download it here

    If you run into problems, be sure ExtendedStatus is set On before the
    LoadModule sentence.Also note, that the MaxVhostClients must be after
    the ServerName directive.

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    13 Responses to “Downloads for Bandwidth Mod”

    1. Bruce says:

      Right now, no. The mod only works on limiting speed and connections.
      However, im working on doing exactly what you ask.

      Please, contact me again in a few weeks, to keep you posted about how much time will take.

    2. Jolyon Bloomfield says:


      This sounds like just the tool I need. I’m running Apache 2.2.14 Win32 however, which isn’t on your list. Can you do a quick compile for me?


    3. Bruce says:

      Ill compile it for you in a couple hours.
      Check the site then.. ;)